DIY Sequin Vase

DIY Sequin Vase | GI 365

DIY Sequin Vase | GI 365

A couple of months ago, I decided to sew some sequins on one of my t-shirts. I went so far as to buy sequins, but… I never quite got around to it. So, when I saw a tutorial for a sequin vase from it all started with paint, I knew I had to give it a try. It’s much more up my alley anyways, (read five minute project instead of several hours of hand sewing). It’s just as easy as she promises, and I love the sparkly colors.

What you need:

1. Mason jar

2. Sequins – I used 1 package of smaller sequins and 1 package of regular size.

3. Modge Podge crafting glue with a brush

DIY Sequin Vase | GI 365

What to do:

Brush a thin layer of glue over the inside of the mason jar.

DIY Sequin Vase | GI 365

Sprinkle in the sequins and shake around until the sides are coated.

DIY Sequin Vase | GI 365

Let dry overnight, then fill with water and arrange your flowers.

DIY Sequin Vase | GI 365     DIY Sequin Vase | GI 365

Word of warning: definitely wait the full 24 hours. I got carried away and filled my vase too soon before the glue was fully dry – should’ve waited, I had to re-dry it!

In the original project, she uses the beautiful blue mason jars. I’ve never seen those before, and I love the new color. They look vintage and would be perfect for all kinds of projects. What I loved most about this project was the absolute simplicity. I think that these would make great candle holders as well. The smaller sizes of mason jars would be perfect for tea-lights and would be easier to fill with flowers without breaking the bank!

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